In the jungle, the urban jungle…

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I am such a sucker for animal print and camouflage I can wear them everywhere. For a day out on town, here’s a quick and easy look that always works. A straight fit camouflage print shirt dress off Myntra, a textured suede camouflage print jacket (forget where I picked this one up from), tan ankle boots from Lulu & Sky, and a small textured studded bag from Nine West. Like?

Journalist Mrinmayee Ranade shares her everyday style

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I am not a brands person, except handloom perhaps. 

The saree is from Co-optex, my long time favourite, just like my mother. Aai gifted this saree for birthday last year, so more special. 

The jacket is from Mahalaxmi Saras exhibition many years ago, my annual shopping pilgrimage where I get stuff made/sold by women’s self help groups. The pic was clicked on 31st December last year, as if waving bye bye to 2018! 

The blue long dress is from streets of Dadar 
 Have recently started wearing such dresses. No longer bothered about what others – read in laws – think or will say. (on second thoughts, i am more concerned about what the daughter will say now 😛 )

The teal dress is Biba, fits me perfectly. Clicked on 47th birthday. The pocket is added my myself from some leftover material.

( Mrinmayee Ranade is a journalist, reader, traveler, who has recently found love of crochet and making simple jewelry. )

Of Long line jackets and a chilly evening

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I was off to moderate a conversation at the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival last evening, for the SheThePeople Women Writers Fest pop up with veteran journalists Rashmi Saksena and Teresa Rehman. I was in a jeans and Tshirt mood, so did exactly that and threw on a long line Pierre Cardin jacket I’ve had for ages, probably college days. The tshirt is a hand me down gold foil print Superdry from the offspring (he has outgrown it without using it twice and I’m damned if I’m going to let a perfectly good usable tshirt go waste). Low waist ankle cropped mid wash jeans from Only, raw leather belt from I forget whom, Bulchee I think, and my good old Tstrap Bata wedges because I knew, it being Kala Ghoda fest, there would be a fair amount of walking involved. Like?

When Ajrakh meets long line…

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When all else fails, a black camisole, black skinny fit jeans and a wonderful long line Ajrak jacket in rust. Stand alone jackets and blazers can save an entire outfit, wear them over jeans and camisoles with stilettoes or pumps for a completely put together look that doesn’t take more than five minutes to throw together.

Got this one tailored from Ajrak fabric my sis in law had picked up on her tour to Kutch. It is a single lapel, with wooden buttons and goes beautifully over black, beige and grey. And yes, have a good tailor handy.

When you inadvertently find yourself twinning with Sunny Leone…

everyday style, fashion

In work mode again, and as always last minute rush to get out of the house–of course I am the person who never ever plans out what she will wear until she actually has to pull it onto her body.

So for this interview with the very lovely Sunny Leone for SheThePeople.TV’s BOLD series, I pulled on my standard lifesavers, blue denims, a black vest and topped it with a Bhutanese black and copper Kira with gorgeous sun motifs that my sister in law had picked on a trip there. I don’t pin the Kira like it is supposed to be, but prefer to wear it like a regular jacket, though undoubtedly it would look much better worn pinned together.

And to my surprise, Sunny was dressed in a black biker jacket and jeans too, with a red t-shirt that completely stole my heart, emblazoned with ‘Feminist’ across it.

In Work Mode


The easiest go to look at work for me is a jacket over trousers–with me make those jeans. I seem to be wearing jeans with everything, regardless of appropriateness of occasion and coordination–I don’t recommend it, but I am guilty. The formal trousers that came with this jacket languish in the cupboard, unloved and neglected, calling my name every time I open the door.

But, what the hell, if you’re comfortable with jeans, go right ahead. I’ve worn jeans to wedding receptions and earned the steely disapproving eye from some matrons, and sharp censure from my embarrassed mother, but I milk the eccentric author tag to the fullest in such situations. Here I have on a pair of comfort fit mid wash denims, worn with a formal long line grey striped jacket, with those dratted things, shoulder pads, and my trusted old Bata tan wedges that I seem to be wearing with everything regardless of whether it goes with it or not. In retrospect, I should have worn a pair of black pumps, but I think it was a grab what is immediately visible on the shoe rack kind of rushing out of the door that day.

Here I am with the very fabulous Tara Kaushal, she of the sharp repartee and the never ending legs, for an interview we did for the BOLD series of interviews on SheThePeople.

And yes, this is the bespectacled look, now that the LASIK I had done all those years ago has given up on me and my number has come back in all its glory–this means I either go for vanity and end up not recognising anyone (dry eye syndrome cannot wear contact lenses anymore) or wear my specs and have people come up to me and ask if Kiran Manral is around somewhere.

Red checks and denim

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I’ve always been a great fan of the red check and denim look. I think I’ve always owned a shirt with red checks, forever and ever. Oh well, ever since I was in college I think. The style is resolutely the same, a red checked shirt with tiny buttons down the front, fitted a bit. I wear these with either tan corduroy jeans or plain medium wash denims. Sometimes, I throw on a denim jacket. If the jeans are ankle cropped skinnies like these from Only, I will wear my high clogs (from Catwalk), or risk looking like something on a toothpick. This is a safe look that always works for a casual day out, without too much thought going into it.

And, as always, big sunnies, and a bigger smile, if I don’t hate everyone on and their grandparents on that particular day.

When in doubt, wear camouflage


One of my favourite impulse purchases, spurred on by the offspring has been this camouflage jacket, which has a nice sheen to it. I saw it and baulked a bit, but the offspring was insistent and had me buy it. And this was last year before the camouflage trend really hit us here in India.

I paired this here with a long sheath dress with a turtleneck that falls straight to the ankles and my all time favourite chocolate brown platform shoes. In fact, this jacket is such that I tend to wear it with everything. Jeans. Black trousers. Tan trousers. A solid long dress. A long tunic and tights.

God help me if I can remember where we bought it from, though. Some store in Infinity 2 in Mumbai is all I can remember and the label I chopped off, like I do most labels because they annoy me!

Bring out the boots…

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What is winter worth its sliding mercury without one getting the chance of bringing out the boots? In Mumbai, wearing boots is honestly more of an act of bravery than self preservation against the elements given how hot and humid it is for most parts of the year, but a few days in December and January can have you bundle up a bit without people looking at you like you need to count your marbles for the few missing.

This is what I find most easy and comfy with these boots. Skinny fit light washed jeans from Only, a Cubus striped round neck full sleeved Tshirt, with my all time favourite grey suede jacket that I wear everywhere and with everything. And yes, a pair of nice small sunglasses that don’t overpower your face with this.