Quick trip packing

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A quick trip for me is generally hell to pack for, because of the multiple events and situations one finds oneself in, and the need to carry cabin baggage rather than half the contents of one’s wardrobe. So here’s what I do. For a four to five day trip, three pairs of trousers, indigo, brown, black. One formal pair (Black in this case). Three basic t shirts. One black camisole or lacy vest. One bright pop of colour, the red in this case. One a striped one. And the third a basic plain black. Add a basic black sweater with double sided buttons (simple on one side and shiny Swarovskis when reversed) so you can dress up or down as required. One casual T Strap sandals. One pair of formal black pumps or strappy satin sandals for an unexpected invite out to dinner. That’s it. Keeping the colours neutral lets everything you pack go with every other item in your baggage, with no stress, and you can change combinations to create a completely different look each time. And of course, a couple of really funky neckpieces that can completely elevate a look without adding to the baggage.

What are your quick packing hacks?

Educationist Avnita Bir shares her preferred style statements

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Dresses. Long or short; flowing or crisp. I love them all. The little girl in me, fed on fairy tales, surfaces when I don a long flowing gown. A shorter knee-length dress, worn with high heels, feels more professional, efficient and brings a crispness to my day.

Blue jeans, Tee and Polo jacket. My all-time favorite. This look is natural, comfortable and my most sported. The Polo jacket gives it a style statement and the blue jeans keep me fit.

Saree. The quintessential grace that a saree brings to a woman, making her feel soft, sexy and complete. I wear this look occasionally as I feel a saree must be worn with an attitude to do it justice. Special occasions like school events will see me making that extra effort.

Bring out the boots…

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What is winter worth its sliding mercury without one getting the chance of bringing out the boots? In Mumbai, wearing boots is honestly more of an act of bravery than self preservation against the elements given how hot and humid it is for most parts of the year, but a few days in December and January can have you bundle up a bit without people looking at you like you need to count your marbles for the few missing.

This is what I find most easy and comfy with these boots. Skinny fit light washed jeans from Only, a Cubus striped round neck full sleeved Tshirt, with my all time favourite grey suede jacket that I wear everywhere and with everything. And yes, a pair of nice small sunglasses that don’t overpower your face with this.