Educationist Avnita Bir shares her preferred style statements

everyday style, fashion

Dresses. Long or short; flowing or crisp. I love them all. The little girl in me, fed on fairy tales, surfaces when I don a long flowing gown. A shorter knee-length dress, worn with high heels, feels more professional, efficient and brings a crispness to my day.

Blue jeans, Tee and Polo jacket. My all-time favorite. This look is natural, comfortable and my most sported. The Polo jacket gives it a style statement and the blue jeans keep me fit.

Saree. The quintessential grace that a saree brings to a woman, making her feel soft, sexy and complete. I wear this look occasionally as I feel a saree must be worn with an attitude to do it justice. Special occasions like school events will see me making that extra effort.