What I wore yesterday: Denim and black

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(Me with Meghna Pant, holding our respective books.)

My all time comfort dressing is denim and black. I can wear it anytime, anyplace, anywhere and on days when I don’t really want to think about what I am wearing, this is my go to look. At the SheThePeople Women Writers’ Fest Mumbai yesterday at Title Waves Bandra, I wore a full sleeved black top with a slight shimmer to it, my old jeans with a brown raw leather belt and my usual tan T-Strap Bata Sandals. A bright red lipstick always saves the day, this one was a Lakme 9 to 5 Creaseless 09 that stayed put through an entire long day and a couple of sandwiches and coffee.

Of Long line jackets and a chilly evening

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I was off to moderate a conversation at the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival last evening, for the SheThePeople Women Writers Fest pop up with veteran journalists Rashmi Saksena and Teresa Rehman. I was in a jeans and Tshirt mood, so did exactly that and threw on a long line Pierre Cardin jacket I’ve had for ages, probably college days. The tshirt is a hand me down gold foil print Superdry from the offspring (he has outgrown it without using it twice and I’m damned if I’m going to let a perfectly good usable tshirt go waste). Low waist ankle cropped mid wash jeans from Only, raw leather belt from I forget whom, Bulchee I think, and my good old Tstrap Bata wedges because I knew, it being Kala Ghoda fest, there would be a fair amount of walking involved. Like?

Chanda Bisht shares her traditional and modern takes

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I rarely wear a saree but I think it is one of the most graceful garments ever. I love the easy drape of this chiffon Jaipur lehriya, paired with a pink Banarasi brocade blouse. On my wrist the traditional Kumaoni ponchi bracelet.

This dress from M&S is a simple sheath that has a flattering fit, and is easy day wear. I pair it with a bright pop of colour in my handbag.

Another comfort look is denim and black. A denim jacket from Only, with my regular jeans and a black top, worn with sneakers. Perfect for a busy day out and about.

(Chanda Bisht is a former education professional, now settled in Gurgaon.)

Red checks and denim

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I’ve always been a great fan of the red check and denim look. I think I’ve always owned a shirt with red checks, forever and ever. Oh well, ever since I was in college I think. The style is resolutely the same, a red checked shirt with tiny buttons down the front, fitted a bit. I wear these with either tan corduroy jeans or plain medium wash denims. Sometimes, I throw on a denim jacket. If the jeans are ankle cropped skinnies like these from Only, I will wear my high clogs (from Catwalk), or risk looking like something on a toothpick. This is a safe look that always works for a casual day out, without too much thought going into it.

And, as always, big sunnies, and a bigger smile, if I don’t hate everyone on and their grandparents on that particular day.

Bring out the boots…

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What is winter worth its sliding mercury without one getting the chance of bringing out the boots? In Mumbai, wearing boots is honestly more of an act of bravery than self preservation against the elements given how hot and humid it is for most parts of the year, but a few days in December and January can have you bundle up a bit without people looking at you like you need to count your marbles for the few missing.

This is what I find most easy and comfy with these boots. Skinny fit light washed jeans from Only, a Cubus striped round neck full sleeved Tshirt, with my all time favourite grey suede jacket that I wear everywhere and with everything. And yes, a pair of nice small sunglasses that don’t overpower your face with this.