Jo Chopra rocks the classic white shirt

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“They” say you never regret a good quality purchase but I have regretted buying this Phase Eight blouse many times over. It is a good one and I love both the fit and the look, but I still can’t believe I spent ONE HUNDRED POUNDS on it.
That’s just an aside, however. I love this classic outfit – the well-fitting blouse (the belt was my daughter-in-law’s suggestion. She said “Without it, Mom, it just looks like a man’s big shirt.”), the closely tapered trousers (on sale at Global Desi from the AND line) and, of course, the amazing Cole Haan boots which automatically make me feel confident and dramatic.
The other thing that’s made a difference is makeup. My daughter treated me to a makeover while I was in the US recently along with an entire collection of judiciously selected products. Women have different needs as they get older and a few intelligent but small changes can go a long way in achieving a fresh, attractive look. I discovered Dominique Sachse’s older women video series on Youtube and though I’ve never been into makeup or glamour, I love the style tips she suggests.
They’re fun, easy and effective and at 61, I love being as excited as a teenager about getting dressed up, made up and heading out each day. I have a serious, changing-the-world job that is my passion and my mission so it’s a relief to have something silly and just plain fun to amuse myself with as well.


Dr Tripti Sharan on her winter swag

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“Delhi is brewing with ‘hot’ politics these days. But that’s not the only thing delhi is famous for! If you haven’t experienced the cool ‘Dilli ki sardi’ you don’t know what you are missing. 

Nothing beats Delhi winters and the feel of winter clothes. You can snuggle yourself into your woollens, dig your heels deep into your boots, lose your stress and inhale the scent of winters. Be it your working place or any chill out zone; be it the cool sunlight or the deceiving winter fog!

I  know what I need to wear to brave the winter winds. And when I want a little swag,  I throw it on my mobile cover and dare them all!

That’s the attitude people! I don’t let anything or anyone come between that. Not any opinion, nor any stereotype and never my age. I keep my head held high. The only time that I ever look down is to admire my boots. I just bask in my winter gear: jackets, sweaters, scarfs, Uggs, boots and everything else. My world cannot get cozier or more comfortable.

I am loving my time, my age, I have never felt more relaxed or more beautiful. I am going to wear this attitude, over my heart and on my head across seasons, now and forever.”

What I wore today: Denim, jersey and boots

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FullSizeRender (30)FullSizeRender (32)

Today, for the Tinder And SheThePeople.TV Conversations on #LoveAndFreedom, this is what I wore. An old jacket I’d bought from Fashion Street when I was in college (which makes that jacket older that some of those attending the event today), a jersey striped vest styled dress gifted by a cousin visiting from the USA, tan boots from Lulu & Sky, love them because they are so darned comfortable and lined with the softest fleece ever. I quite loved the look, what do you think?

(Psst: The gorgeousnesses Madhuri Banerjee and Nirmika Singh on panel with me in this pic. Also on panel but not in frame, were Sakshi Juneja and Sonali Gupta.)

In the jungle, the urban jungle…

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I am such a sucker for animal print and camouflage I can wear them everywhere. For a day out on town, here’s a quick and easy look that always works. A straight fit camouflage print shirt dress off Myntra, a textured suede camouflage print jacket (forget where I picked this one up from), tan ankle boots from Lulu & Sky, and a small textured studded bag from Nine West. Like?

Atika Gupta shares her Bohemian style

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Bohemian Fashion
I love to combine gypsy style skirts/ghagras in earthy block prints or bright chintz prints with smart shirt style kurtas, jackets etc. Tribal accessories such as big glass work rings, gypsy earrings & necklace, anklets with shells and bells, and Doc Marten Boots complete this look. I have a tribal dots tattoo on my chin and like to paint more of those on my neck. The idea is to keep it fun, bright and eclectic to keep the girl in my alive!
My most usual way of dressing and also my favourite- combine a simple handloom saree with a contrast, bold and colourful blouse. I play with tartans, floral and Kutch mirror work. Also seen in the photos here is a backless blouse (which is very bohemian and playful) which I wore with a plain lime green linen saree.
All the sarees in these pics are traditional weaves from local weavers of Kerala, Bengal and Rajasthan.
I usually wear antique or arty silver earrings and a big statement ring with this ensemble.
This style brings out the sensual woman in me while asserting my love for the local and everything Indian ️

(Atika Gupta is 47 years young. A Corporate PR Communications professional with a keen eye for innovation  and detail, she has successfully spearheaded launch of luxury boutique hotels, bookstores and an art gallery. Her passion for art and literature has led Atika to effectively curate and strategise events across various international platforms. She is a self-proclaimed workaholic, perfectionist and foodie. When not working, she likes to pursue her interests in singing, dancing, cooking and reading. She’s the proud mother of two sons, 24 and 18 years old.)

Bring out the boots…

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What is winter worth its sliding mercury without one getting the chance of bringing out the boots? In Mumbai, wearing boots is honestly more of an act of bravery than self preservation against the elements given how hot and humid it is for most parts of the year, but a few days in December and January can have you bundle up a bit without people looking at you like you need to count your marbles for the few missing.

This is what I find most easy and comfy with these boots. Skinny fit light washed jeans from Only, a Cubus striped round neck full sleeved Tshirt, with my all time favourite grey suede jacket that I wear everywhere and with everything. And yes, a pair of nice small sunglasses that don’t overpower your face with this.


How Purba Ray stays chic in winter

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When you live in Delhi, you spend most of the year for winter to arrive. When it finally does, you realise how tricky it is to keep warm without looking like a chowkidar on night duty.
These Ankle cut off pair of pants from Uniqlo is my favourite for its unique color. I have paired it with a short navy blue blazer from Mango and a black fitted top. Since boots are a big no with a length like this, I’m wearing Loafers.
Look 1
God made winters so that women could wear boots. Mid length boots look better if you have thin legs like me. Mine look like spindles when I try wearing tights with short length boots. The hoodie from Zara has cuffs and the hood in silk and a nice contrast print and looks like something that you may not have flicked from your daughter’s wardrobe.
Look 2


(About Purba: When Purba is not trawling the Internet for that perfect outfit, she writes for Arre and The Quint. Intensely vague, seriously funny, her humour is as bitter as the karelas she avoids. )
Thanks Purba, for being my very first guest blogger on FortyPlusFashion.