Shine on crazy diamond…

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I love tone on tone, and especially muted camels, ecrus, biscuits and the entire family of the browns. A quick look for a day, when I want to look a tad dressed up and yet comfortable is this one, a pair of stretch fit corduroy jeans in camel with a muted gold Zara t-shirt. There’s the no shine for day rule that I break with this one, but it doesn’t really become too bling or in your face because it is a muted gold.

I pair these with either my vertiginous leopard print block heels or suede tan peep toe stilettos if I know I’m going to be standing or sitting for most of the time. If I need to be on the go, then these bronze loafers are my preferred option. Perch those oversized sunnies on your head and grab a tan or a matt gold hobo or a bronze envelope clutch and you’re good to go.

Yes, the lip for this one is definitely a deep red. Never mind that it is day.

How Purba Ray stays chic in winter

everyday style, fashion
When you live in Delhi, you spend most of the year for winter to arrive. When it finally does, you realise how tricky it is to keep warm without looking like a chowkidar on night duty.
These Ankle cut off pair of pants from Uniqlo is my favourite for its unique color. I have paired it with a short navy blue blazer from Mango and a black fitted top. Since boots are a big no with a length like this, I’m wearing Loafers.
Look 1
God made winters so that women could wear boots. Mid length boots look better if you have thin legs like me. Mine look like spindles when I try wearing tights with short length boots. The hoodie from Zara has cuffs and the hood in silk and a nice contrast print and looks like something that you may not have flicked from your daughter’s wardrobe.
Look 2


(About Purba: When Purba is not trawling the Internet for that perfect outfit, she writes for Arre and The Quint. Intensely vague, seriously funny, her humour is as bitter as the karelas she avoids. )
Thanks Purba, for being my very first guest blogger on FortyPlusFashion.