Jo Chopra rocks the classic white shirt

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“They” say you never regret a good quality purchase but I have regretted buying this Phase Eight blouse many times over. It is a good one and I love both the fit and the look, but I still can’t believe I spent ONE HUNDRED POUNDS on it.
That’s just an aside, however. I love this classic outfit – the well-fitting blouse (the belt was my daughter-in-law’s suggestion. She said “Without it, Mom, it just looks like a man’s big shirt.”), the closely tapered trousers (on sale at Global Desi from the AND line) and, of course, the amazing Cole Haan boots which automatically make me feel confident and dramatic.
The other thing that’s made a difference is makeup. My daughter treated me to a makeover while I was in the US recently along with an entire collection of judiciously selected products. Women have different needs as they get older and a few intelligent but small changes can go a long way in achieving a fresh, attractive look. I discovered Dominique Sachse’s older women video series on Youtube and though I’ve never been into makeup or glamour, I love the style tips she suggests.
They’re fun, easy and effective and at 61, I love being as excited as a teenager about getting dressed up, made up and heading out each day. I have a serious, changing-the-world job that is my passion and my mission so it’s a relief to have something silly and just plain fun to amuse myself with as well.