Dr Tripti Sharan on her winter swag

everyday style, fashion

“Delhi is brewing with ‘hot’ politics these days. But that’s not the only thing delhi is famous for! If you haven’t experienced the cool ‘Dilli ki sardi’ you don’t know what you are missing. 

Nothing beats Delhi winters and the feel of winter clothes. You can snuggle yourself into your woollens, dig your heels deep into your boots, lose your stress and inhale the scent of winters. Be it your working place or any chill out zone; be it the cool sunlight or the deceiving winter fog!

I  know what I need to wear to brave the winter winds. And when I want a little swag,  I throw it on my mobile cover and dare them all!

That’s the attitude people! I don’t let anything or anyone come between that. Not any opinion, nor any stereotype and never my age. I keep my head held high. The only time that I ever look down is to admire my boots. I just bask in my winter gear: jackets, sweaters, scarfs, Uggs, boots and everything else. My world cannot get cozier or more comfortable.

I am loving my time, my age, I have never felt more relaxed or more beautiful. I am going to wear this attitude, over my heart and on my head across seasons, now and forever.”

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