Journalist Mrinmayee Ranade shares her everyday style

everyday style, fashion

I am not a brands person, except handloom perhaps. 

The saree is from Co-optex, my long time favourite, just like my mother. Aai gifted this saree for birthday last year, so more special. 

The jacket is from Mahalaxmi Saras exhibition many years ago, my annual shopping pilgrimage where I get stuff made/sold by women’s self help groups. The pic was clicked on 31st December last year, as if waving bye bye to 2018! 

The blue long dress is from streets of Dadar 
 Have recently started wearing such dresses. No longer bothered about what others – read in laws – think or will say. (on second thoughts, i am more concerned about what the daughter will say now 😛 )

The teal dress is Biba, fits me perfectly. Clicked on 47th birthday. The pocket is added my myself from some leftover material.

( Mrinmayee Ranade is a journalist, reader, traveler, who has recently found love of crochet and making simple jewelry. )

Oh, for a dress with pockets…

everyday style, fashion


I’m not much of a Biba fan, and haven’t really bought or worn anything from the brand, but this dress with its lovely print, and the fact that it had pockets changed my mind.

I love long dresses, as I’ve said before, and I have a particular soft spot for florals. I particularly fell in love with the flare and the colour combination of this one. I had already packed another outfit for the Women Writers Fest Bangalore, in 2018, but a flight delay meant extra time at the airport and this is what happens. Picked this up on an impulse and loved how comfortable it was. Yes, it is a size larger. In other circumstances, I would have preferred a higher heel with this, but had packed these trusted beige Tstrap Bata wedges so these are what I wore.

Here with the very wonderful Anuja Chauhan whom I was chatting with about her books at the event.

Photo courtesy: Fandom at Gilly’s