When in doubt, wear camouflage


One of my favourite impulse purchases, spurred on by the offspring has been this camouflage jacket, which has a nice sheen to it. I saw it and baulked a bit, but the offspring was insistent and had me buy it. And this was last year before the camouflage trend really hit us here in India.

I paired this here with a long sheath dress with a turtleneck that falls straight to the ankles and my all time favourite chocolate brown platform shoes. In fact, this jacket is such that I tend to wear it with everything. Jeans. Black trousers. Tan trousers. A solid long dress. A long tunic and tights.

God help me if I can remember where we bought it from, though. Some store in Infinity 2 in Mumbai is all I can remember and the label I chopped off, like I do most labels because they annoy me!