In Work Mode


The easiest go to look at work for me is a jacket over trousers–with me make those jeans. I seem to be wearing jeans with everything, regardless of appropriateness of occasion and coordination–I don’t recommend it, but I am guilty. The formal trousers that came with this jacket languish in the cupboard, unloved and neglected, calling my name every time I open the door.

But, what the hell, if you’re comfortable with jeans, go right ahead. I’ve worn jeans to wedding receptions and earned the steely disapproving eye from some matrons, and sharp censure from my embarrassed mother, but I milk the eccentric author tag to the fullest in such situations. Here I have on a pair of comfort fit mid wash denims, worn with a formal long line grey striped jacket, with those dratted things, shoulder pads, and my trusted old Bata tan wedges that I seem to be wearing with everything regardless of whether it goes with it or not. In retrospect, I should have worn a pair of black pumps, but I think it was a grab what is immediately visible on the shoe rack kind of rushing out of the door that day.

Here I am with the very fabulous Tara Kaushal, she of the sharp repartee and the never ending legs, for an interview we did for the BOLD series of interviews on SheThePeople.

And yes, this is the bespectacled look, now that the LASIK I had done all those years ago has given up on me and my number has come back in all its glory–this means I either go for vanity and end up not recognising anyone (dry eye syndrome cannot wear contact lenses anymore) or wear my specs and have people come up to me and ask if Kiran Manral is around somewhere.

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