Ruchita Dar Shah shares her love for Kolhapuri chappals

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I may not understand everything about fashion but I do understand colour well . I may not get style but I know comfort . I think I can call myself a comfortably colourful dresser!  Over the years I have figured that comfort for me wins over whatever is trending or not. I like traditional or classic looks over anything else. And in my 40s I have also realised that some amount of ‘ Desi’ in my clothes , footwear or bags works best for me. I feel most comfortable in Indo western, desi chic, fusion or whatever the fashion police might wanna call it . The popular hashtag #NeverNotWearingSomethingDesi has become my mantra too! And among all the desi accessories I own and wear, like neck pieces , tunics and dresses one that has organically emerged is my love for Kolhapuri chappals. They are super comfortable, colourful  ( most of them are super cheap too ) and so damn universal that they can be worn with just about anything . I wear them with dresses, jeans and of course sarees. They have definitely become a staple in my humble shoe closet and completely liberated me from wondering if a particular outfit demands wedges, stilettos or closed shoes.

(Ruchita Dar Shah is the founder of First Moms Club)


Pattern and denim- a classic combo

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A quick smart go to day look. A satin blouse with an intense print–here I have houndstooth and polka dots, in black and white. Black pump sling backs. Deep indigo skinny fit. Small sized sunglasses. Good to go for lunch or just a day of work meetings, you could substitute the denim with fitted black ankle cropped trousers if you want to get a wee bit more formal.

Bundling up….

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Winter in Mumbai might be non existent, but some days you just feel like play pretend it is chilly enough to bring out your woollies. For me, the go to look is always a chunky knit oversized pullover in cream worn over deep indigo skinny fits. Pair this with a taupe Da Milano structured bag, a leopard print scarf, huge sunglasses and tan suede boots, and I’m good to go.