Of shirt dresses

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At L’Affaire Godrej The Trees yesterday, in a Global Desi shirt dress. Yes, it is a size bigger, I prefer to wear something a little looser than my size so I can grow into it. Seriously though, it just feels more comfortable in the humidity of Mumbai to allow for enough air circulation. Paired this with an oxidised silver knot neckpiece, a structured taupe Da Milano bag and my good old brown suede Catwalk clogs that don’t really go with this, but are sky high and darned comfortable, despite the high heel. No pockets with this one. Damn.


And more denim…

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Another no think pull it all together quick look for a casual day out, where you want to look just that bit put together is this all denim look. Mid wash jeans in a comfort fit, a soft denim shirt, roll the legs up to expose your ankles, roll the sleeves up to your elbows. These are old, old clothes I’ve had forever but never tire of, although by merit they should have been handed their golden watch and sent into the happy vales of retirement by now.

I prefer to combine denim with brown and tan accents, and that’s what I’ve done here. Add a tan rough stitched belt, a pair of high shoes, and a structured brown bag and you’re good to go. Yes, this is a laptop bag that I end up using as a regular bag most times–because I don’t ever work on a laptop–blame it on the dinosaur I’m, or the klutz I am, end up dropping it, spilling stuff on it, leaving it behind most times. After having lost a couple of laptops in the distant past, I now steer clear of them gadgets outside of the house, except for my phone, which I soon hope to be able to do without too, and switch to an ancient clam shell, push button version, so to finally get offline when I’m offline.

What is your go to full denim look?

Bundling up….

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Winter in Mumbai might be non existent, but some days you just feel like play pretend it is chilly enough to bring out your woollies. For me, the go to look is always a chunky knit oversized pullover in cream worn over deep indigo skinny fits. Pair this with a taupe Da Milano structured bag, a leopard print scarf, huge sunglasses and tan suede boots, and I’m good to go.