Ruchita Dar Shah shares her love for Kolhapuri chappals

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I may not understand everything about fashion but I do understand colour well . I may not get style but I know comfort . I think I can call myself a comfortably colourful dresser!  Over the years I have figured that comfort for me wins over whatever is trending or not. I like traditional or classic looks over anything else. And in my 40s I have also realised that some amount of ‘ Desi’ in my clothes , footwear or bags works best for me. I feel most comfortable in Indo western, desi chic, fusion or whatever the fashion police might wanna call it . The popular hashtag #NeverNotWearingSomethingDesi has become my mantra too! And among all the desi accessories I own and wear, like neck pieces , tunics and dresses one that has organically emerged is my love for Kolhapuri chappals. They are super comfortable, colourful  ( most of them are super cheap too ) and so damn universal that they can be worn with just about anything . I wear them with dresses, jeans and of course sarees. They have definitely become a staple in my humble shoe closet and completely liberated me from wondering if a particular outfit demands wedges, stilettos or closed shoes.

(Ruchita Dar Shah is the founder of First Moms Club)