Dr Tripti Sharan on her winter swag

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“Delhi is brewing with ‘hot’ politics these days. But that’s not the only thing delhi is famous for! If you haven’t experienced the cool ‘Dilli ki sardi’ you don’t know what you are missing. 

Nothing beats Delhi winters and the feel of winter clothes. You can snuggle yourself into your woollens, dig your heels deep into your boots, lose your stress and inhale the scent of winters. Be it your working place or any chill out zone; be it the cool sunlight or the deceiving winter fog!

I  know what I need to wear to brave the winter winds. And when I want a little swag,  I throw it on my mobile cover and dare them all!

That’s the attitude people! I don’t let anything or anyone come between that. Not any opinion, nor any stereotype and never my age. I keep my head held high. The only time that I ever look down is to admire my boots. I just bask in my winter gear: jackets, sweaters, scarfs, Uggs, boots and everything else. My world cannot get cozier or more comfortable.

I am loving my time, my age, I have never felt more relaxed or more beautiful. I am going to wear this attitude, over my heart and on my head across seasons, now and forever.”


Smita GLK Parikh on her love for comfort trackpants and the saree

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“My most comfortable look is sporty clothes, track pants, T-shirts and sport shoes. I really wish I could wear them all the time. That makes the running around in Maximum city much better especially with the weather right now. Driving or sudden plan of taking a long walk at Bandstand or Marine Drive in the evenings.”

image2 (1)

“A saree is my all-time favourite too which is the most elegant attire according to me. It suits any occasion if accessorised well with bangles and trendy earrings. A beautiful
Kolkata saree with Indian flag tricolour bangles is one of my favourite looks.”

(Smita GLK Parikh is an awarded Author, poetess, radio jockey, video jockey, actress, entrepreneur and Litofest Mumbai festival director)

Dipali Taneja on her love for handloom sarees and traditional jewellery

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“For a person who is not really interested in fashion or trends, the saree, evergreen and eternal, can become the default garment, especially as formal wear. If the said person is lazy and hates going to her tailor, mismatched blouses are a life saver! I also rarely buy sarees for myself: this beauty here is a gift from my daughter-in-law. I’m not sure of the fabric, but it is very soft and cool, and I was happy wearing it with an ancient Ikat blouse and dangling silver earrings.”



“Handloom sarees are my great love: silks, cottons, even polycots, all have a special appeal. Weaves of different kinds fascinate me, and we have a huge range of weaves across the country. Traditional prints and printing techniques are fabulous too. I end up being given many wonderful sarees. The few that I buy for myself are often impulse purchases, bought when I’m buying a gift for someone! Silver jewellery, beads, pieces with exquisite craftsmanship all speak to me. I truly cherish my antique choker, made from my great-great-grandmother’s bajubund.”


“My mother had a pair of ‘ponchiyaan’, kundan pieces strung on thick golden thread, worn as bracelets. My sister and I got one each, which we converted into necklaces by stringing them on pearls. Most of the blue and green meenakaari has worn off. I don’t really know how old these were. My parents got married in 1943, but I’m not sure if these were made then or earlier. I also love all my ‘junk’ jewellery!!! Come winter though, I am usually found in jeans and pullovers! Comfort is usually my highest priority! ”


Nandini Srinivasan rocks both the saree and the little summer dress

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“I work in the tech industry (20 years and counting) , which in the name of “cool” has shed all sense of dress etiquette. So to keep my spirits perked up I love bringing a riot of colors to my wardrobe, and in my mind. It’s my way of dealing with the corporate madness within which I am deeply entwined.”
“My saree is a special gift from my niece who picked the hues of purple, orange and pink. It’s a very light Kanchi silk and I decided to pair it with a bright orange halter blouse  and long earrings.”
“My summer dress is bring is a lovely lemon color, with patterns that reminded me of chikan craft, just gives a very refreshing vibe. While you can pair it with platforms or pumps, I have a simple white walking sandals on (we were touring Boston while this picture was taken).”
We love both Nandini’s looks, and the absolute confidence with which she carries both off. If you want to share your favourite looks do mail me at kiranmanral@gmail.com, with two full length pictures showing your outfit to the maximum advantage and a brief para on each. 

Riti Prasad tries a white on white summer look

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Simple, serene and fresh, white colour has the ability to lift the mood on a dull day and render a sense of clean and lightness.

White is the colour that executives choose for a no fuss morning and yet look crisp and well put together.

A survey https://www.google.co.in/amp/s/neilpatel.com/blog/gender-and-color/amp/

cites that both men and women prefer blue the most. Men prefer achromatic colours like grey, black and white more than women.

My own tastes in colours have shifted dramatically over the years. At one point I was the black only girl. One day I discovered the sex appeal of red and then the sunny disposition of bright yellows, oranges and fuchsia.

For as long as I remember I felt I could never carry achromatic colours  like grey and white.  Especially white. White made me look fatter especially when compared to the forgiving black and besides that, Murphy’s law of whites states that bright coloured food like daal, curries and coffee are attracted to white clothes. If you have spilled food or some other brightly coloured stuff that leaves a stubborn stain on clothes, then the clothes have to be white.

Did I ever consider white shoes or white pants ? Never. That was Jeetendra’s or Mithun’s forte. Not something that I could carry off.

The forties saw me experiment with other colours of the spectrum. Mehendi green, sepia browns, dull greys and I carried it with aplomb.

Did I dare a white ? Still no, until I found myself at a clothing store in USA last year.

This white top adorned with red cherries was calling out to me and nothing else could carry it off better than a pristine white ankle length cotton pants on another rack. I got them for a steal. 10 dollars each!

Teamed with my white gold and diamond hoops, silver charms bracelet and white Hush Puppies- oh yes, I bought white shoes in my forties- I felt summery, fresh and heart-happy as I noticed the fuchsia riot of bougainvillea flowers making the perfect backdrop to the cherries on my top!

Because summer is here…

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FullSizeRender (33)

It’s a scorcher of a summer already, with the mercury hitting 40 degrees Celsius in Mumbai yesterday. The only thing that makes sense now is cotton and open sandals, and here’s what I live in these days. Linen cropped trousers and flowing soft cotton top with a delicious floral print, silver rasta sandals and convenient small bag to carry just what I need. And of course, never without my sunglasses.

What I wore today: That 70s show

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(Photograph: Nikita Deshpande)

Oversized tinted aviators, hair that decided to part itself down the middle like it was suddenly channelising its inner Moses, a Ritu Kumar floral cotton kurti in mint green (a gift from my sis in law), Marks and Spencer jeggings, and my ubiquitous Kolhapuri chappals in cream and gold bought from Mahabaleshwar which I’ve been using forever and more. The pop of pink in the border I tried to echo with a pop of a similar shade in the lipstick, Lakme 9 to 5, Pink Ambition, which is looking strangely deeper here. Nice?

What I wore yesterday: Denim and black

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(Me with Meghna Pant, holding our respective books.)

My all time comfort dressing is denim and black. I can wear it anytime, anyplace, anywhere and on days when I don’t really want to think about what I am wearing, this is my go to look. At the SheThePeople Women Writers’ Fest Mumbai yesterday at Title Waves Bandra, I wore a full sleeved black top with a slight shimmer to it, my old jeans with a brown raw leather belt and my usual tan T-Strap Bata Sandals. A bright red lipstick always saves the day, this one was a Lakme 9 to 5 Creaseless 09 that stayed put through an entire long day and a couple of sandwiches and coffee.

What I wore today: Denim, jersey and boots

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FullSizeRender (30)FullSizeRender (32)

Today, for the Tinder And SheThePeople.TV Conversations on #LoveAndFreedom, this is what I wore. An old jacket I’d bought from Fashion Street when I was in college (which makes that jacket older that some of those attending the event today), a jersey striped vest styled dress gifted by a cousin visiting from the USA, tan boots from Lulu & Sky, love them because they are so darned comfortable and lined with the softest fleece ever. I quite loved the look, what do you think?

(Psst: The gorgeousnesses Madhuri Banerjee and Nirmika Singh on panel with me in this pic. Also on panel but not in frame, were Sakshi Juneja and Sonali Gupta.)