Riti Prasad tries a white on white summer look

everyday style, fashion

image1 (4)

Simple, serene and fresh, white colour has the ability to lift the mood on a dull day and render a sense of clean and lightness.

White is the colour that executives choose for a no fuss morning and yet look crisp and well put together.

A survey https://www.google.co.in/amp/s/neilpatel.com/blog/gender-and-color/amp/

cites that both men and women prefer blue the most. Men prefer achromatic colours like grey, black and white more than women.

My own tastes in colours have shifted dramatically over the years. At one point I was the black only girl. One day I discovered the sex appeal of red and then the sunny disposition of bright yellows, oranges and fuchsia.

For as long as I remember I felt I could never carry achromatic colours  like grey and white.  Especially white. White made me look fatter especially when compared to the forgiving black and besides that, Murphy’s law of whites states that bright coloured food like daal, curries and coffee are attracted to white clothes. If you have spilled food or some other brightly coloured stuff that leaves a stubborn stain on clothes, then the clothes have to be white.

Did I ever consider white shoes or white pants ? Never. That was Jeetendra’s or Mithun’s forte. Not something that I could carry off.

The forties saw me experiment with other colours of the spectrum. Mehendi green, sepia browns, dull greys and I carried it with aplomb.

Did I dare a white ? Still no, until I found myself at a clothing store in USA last year.

This white top adorned with red cherries was calling out to me and nothing else could carry it off better than a pristine white ankle length cotton pants on another rack. I got them for a steal. 10 dollars each!

Teamed with my white gold and diamond hoops, silver charms bracelet and white Hush Puppies- oh yes, I bought white shoes in my forties- I felt summery, fresh and heart-happy as I noticed the fuchsia riot of bougainvillea flowers making the perfect backdrop to the cherries on my top!

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