Author Neelam Kumar shares her fave looks

everyday style, fashion

Black dress: For as long as I can remember, the little black dress has enchanted me as much as it has terrified me. Enchanted, because I love the way slim women look in it. Terrified because of the flab it displays. I love this pic because the wise cameraman has chopped off tons of flab from my waist and stomach. In it, I look the way I wish I was

Red dress:I love short red dresses. And that is not’ “cool” by Indian standards for a senior widow, who is supposed to be “sober, serious and spiritual”.  In short, dead.  But I love shattering stereotypes. I believe I am a Western lady trapped in an Indian body. So, on a recent trip to London, I rushed to Primark (the most affordable store) and jumped at this red number on sale. I loved the sense of freedom this Engish dress gave me. Later, I read its tag– “Made in India”. 🙂

Kurta with straight trousers.I believe this Indo-Western fusion dress makes me look glamorous. Once again, the photographer did a brilliant job of photoshopping away age-related problems. He also made me look very intellectual by digitally superimposing a full library behind me. Actually, he wanted to cover up the peeling walls of his studio. But who’s complaining?

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