The little grey dress

everyday style, fashion

I rarely get into dresses that end at the knee or a little above it, but this is one that I do have. And I always feel grand when I wear this, so it ends up being my last resort dress when all else fails.

A grey wool blend that slinks on like second skin, but yet manages to be kind to the lard around the waist that could have me give real competition to the Michelin tyre man. The dress is an AND by Anita Dongre, one of my favourite designers for sensible comfortable clothes, that are size friendly to not so very perfect bodies.

Paired these with solitaires in my ears, (primarily because I couldn’t be arsed to keep changing my earrings so these stay on until they fuse with my damn lobes and then I need to do a song and dance to get them off, short of surgical incisions), a pair of high black strap ons and a bright red lipper, and yes a silver neck piece that I love. Like?

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