Author Neelam Kumar shares her fave looks

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Black dress: For as long as I can remember, the little black dress has enchanted me as much as it has terrified me. Enchanted, because I love the way slim women look in it. Terrified because of the flab it displays. I love this pic because the wise cameraman has chopped off tons of flab from my waist and stomach. In it, I look the way I wish I was

Red dress:I love short red dresses. And that is not’ “cool” by Indian standards for a senior widow, who is supposed to be “sober, serious and spiritual”.  In short, dead.  But I love shattering stereotypes. I believe I am a Western lady trapped in an Indian body. So, on a recent trip to London, I rushed to Primark (the most affordable store) and jumped at this red number on sale. I loved the sense of freedom this Engish dress gave me. Later, I read its tag– “Made in India”. 🙂

Kurta with straight trousers.I believe this Indo-Western fusion dress makes me look glamorous. Once again, the photographer did a brilliant job of photoshopping away age-related problems. He also made me look very intellectual by digitally superimposing a full library behind me. Actually, he wanted to cover up the peeling walls of his studio. But who’s complaining?


Yellow, yellow….



I normally shy away from bright colours. Left to my own devices and without the mater yelling about me channeling Morticia Addams and looking like something the cat dragged in, I’d happily dress in head to toe black every single day. It is only when the spouse accompanies me on shopping trips that I pick up colour under duress, and that too, the kind that could inflict retinal damage on the unwary eye. This was one of those picks.

I wore this back in March on a very special day. It was March 8th, International Women’s Day in Delhi. The Indian Council of UN Relations (ICUNR) supported by the Ministry for Women and Child Development, Government of India, was awarding me the International Women’s Day Award 2018 for excellence in the field of writing. For a change, I decided to go Indo-ethnic, and picked this colour blocked fluorescent yellow long fusion outfit, wearing it over golden tights, which weren’t seen given the length of the tunic, and purple satin and Swarovski cluster embellished ankle strapped stilettoes, which also weren’t visible much. A pink and white Murcia clutch echoed the embellishments on the cuffs of the sleeves, and the royal pink of the bottom patch of the tunic. And yes, I paired this with my all time favourite neckpiece that I seem to be wearing every single time I want to look absolutely kick ass — a stone embedded golden collar picked from a Lokhandwala rasta stall. I realise in retrospect I mashed up two trends at the same time here, flourescent and colour blocking.

I love this photograph because it is fuzzy and unclear enough to hide my wrinkles, and also because my hair seems to be behaving in this one. I take no credit for that, it is all the complete lack of humidity in Delhi that is a lifesaver for my frizzy hair.