Camouflage in a shirt dress

everyday style, fashion

I tell myself I should get solo pics clicked when I deign to dress up and then always completely forget all about it. For just this, I make a terrible fashion blogger, but this is not your regular fashion blog, is it? For one, it is regular everyday fabulously fierce women in their everyday looks. And it is a mood, getting things done, on the go. For another, I repeat shoes, accessories and what not. And for yet another, I have pics with some lovely, fierce ladies that I can help but share on this blog. Allow me some showing-offing, as the offspring would say.

So, yesterday I had a lovely chat with the exquisitely beautiful Lisa Ray for her memoir, Close to the Bone on a SheThePeople.TV FB live. Lisa looked divine in a deconstructed linen outfit, with embroidered slip on. I wore a green camouflage print shirt dress ordered off Myntra (no, this is not a paid promotion, alas) from a brand called Zima Leto.




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