Author Kanchana Banerjee shares her two fave looks

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I’m wearing black tights and a fitted full sleeve top; both purchased from somewhere I can’t remember. I’m a great value seeker and buy clothes from small shops tucked away in the local market. The long stole is Merino wool, bought from a shop in Shimla Mall road. It was love at first sight; just love the vibrant colours on it and the stole goes very well with most solid colours. On my feet are peep toes also bought online.
Pic 1
Look 2
When I was younger, I used to cut up the saris and make them into long dresses and salwar kameez. Mom told me then, stop doing this, one day you’ll love the saris and repent. She was right, like moms usually are. I’m insanely in love with saris now and look for an opportunity to drape one. This rich blue beauty is a gift from a very dear friend, who shares my love for saris and this was her gift to me on my last bday. I love experimenting with blouses and like to wear one in contrasting colour & pattern. The blouse is one of my favourites that I wear with many saris. The necklace I’m wearing also has a story. My friend was wearing it and I liked it so much that she took it off and insisted I take it. I’m very lucky to have such loving friends.
Pic 2 (1)
(About Kanchana: Kanchana Banerjee is an author. Her second book, an edgy dark thriller will be released in summer of 2019 by Harper Collins. Her first book was A Forgotten Affair. When she’s not writing, she likes to read, play with her dogs.)
Thanks Kanchana, for sharing these looks with us.