Jo Chopra shares her favourite look

everyday style, fashion

My husband took this picture of me standing on the very top of Jodhpur Fort. We were with our son Anand on our very first proper holiday (all arranged and financed by him) –staying at fancy hotels and being squired around in a plush private car.
If I look a little smug, it is because I guess I was. There is something amazing about seeing your children grow up and do so well that they want to thank their parents by taking them on a deluxe tour of Rajasthan, with no expense spared.
I’m 60 and with the white hair to prove it. I love being old in India where I get respect, admiration and half price on the train. And I chose this outfit to celebrate it all.
The jeans, a gift from my daughter, are Curve Appeal. (Super tight but possible because of the magic of lycra). The t-shirt (also from Cathleen) is a Workshop label. The sweater is a Dehradun special with no label anyone would recognise. The look comes from a combination of the gorgeous Michael Kors sunglasses that my sister gave me, and the knee-high Cole Haan boots you can’t see. The confidence I get from stomping around in them.

(Jo Chopra McGowan is the Executive Director of the Latika Roy Foundation).