Of jumpsuits and technical issues

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I have long been admiring the jumpsuit fad from the sidelines of the fashion universe until one fine day browsing through an online shopping site, I found one that called out my name and I ordered it pronto before I changed my mind. My mind, as you might have guessed by now has fickle as its middle name.

Knowing it was Shein, I ordered a XXL, else I would have to hack bits and pieces off myself in order to get into the jumpsuit. It arrived, I tried it on, it was suitably loose enough to be comfortable and then came the very important technical question. What if nature calls, and stridently at that? What then? I have watched the episode of Crashing where Lulu has a rather disastrous situation with a onesie and this jumpsuit as a consequence, of that fearful episode, lay neglected in the wardrobe for a while. Last night, going out for birthday dinner, had pulled on old jeans and camo jacket when my mom in law said, wear something new, it’s your birthday. This came to mind. I would be gone but a few hours, I told myself, the restaurant was a stone’s throw from home. And, most important, I would steer clear of liquids.

So here I am, jumpsuit from Shein India, Obi belt from Lulu & Sky, Shell top from I forget where, I’ve had it forever and ever and a couple of more evers, old faithful Hidesign embossed flower pattern bag and espadrilles from Clarks.

Of monochrome

everyday style, fashion

I was most excited to meet the very wonderful Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni the other day, on her whistle stop tour of Mumbai for the launch of her latest book, The Forest of Enchantments, based on the story of Sita, or the Sitayana as she likes to call it.

As always, when I’m in a bit of a rush and too confused about what I should wear, I picked up a black and grey animal print chiffon shirt, and wore it over cropped black trousers, layering on a black waistcoat for modesty. On my feet I had a pair of black espadrilles, the most comfortable pair ever, from Clarks. Jewellery and accessories, I’m terrible about, just had my usual stuff on, the cameo pendant on a gold chain I wear everyday and my gold rings and bracelet. Someday, I will get organised enough to keep changing my jewellery with every outfit, I promise.

And yes, the first pic is the offspring’s valiant attempts at photography given that he and I are still learning this pose and shoot business. I sometimes feel he clicks my best photographs and perhaps it has something to do with the softness with which I look into the camera when he’s clicking? What do you think?