Animal print rules

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(Pic courtesy Babychakra and Festivelle)

Much before animal print was a trend, I was wearing this leopard print Zara shirt and this silk python print blouse everywhere, so much so that I am now completely done with the trend, right when the world is taking it up and how.

These are pics from 2018 and 2016. And now, leopard and snake is everywhere you look, in the stores, on the fashion instagrammers, on the catwalks.

What is the trend you’ve been bucking much before the world caught on?


Six yards of draping…


Let me be the first to admit that sarees terrify me. I have a constant fear that I will trip up, smash my nose in, and go through the rest of my life looking like an ex-pugilist. Or that the drape will suddenly unravel in public no matter how many of the dratted safety pins I put into them, risking injury and bleeding if they ever do open up and pierce skin. The few occasions I’ve worn sarees in public, I’ve been most uncomfortable with the tucking, the pleats, the pallu. This, I realise, is so ironic because my mother wore a saree everyday of her working life, and I remember her taking barely five minutes in the morning to perfectly drape and pin her starched cottons, and impeccably pleated at that.

I also don’t have any sarees, never buy any for myself, and most of what I wear are filched off my mother in law and sisters in law. One of my resolutions though, for 2019 is to get into more ethnic wear, and sarees are one of the things I need to master. Can’t be heading into my 50s and not knowing how to drape a saree myself yet!

What is your saree story?

Jeans and shirt-style

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Of all the looks I love, jeans and a shirt must be right at the top. I find it a style that can be dressed up or dressed down as you wish, and is good to go everywhere possible, except perhaps formal work situations and black tie events.

Here I am, at an edition of SheThePeople.TV’s Bombaywaali last year, where I was chatting with the very fab Richa Chadha (Catch her in the forthcoming biopic Shakeela, where she plays the title role based on the life of the sultry siren from the South). A bright orangey red Zara crepe shirt with gold buttons, a pair of old Gap jeans, in a completely unfashionable NOW straight leg fit, so prehistoric that I am surely we’d all just climbed out of the primordial sludge when this came off the assembly line, not in picture but had worn these with my old fave brown platform heels, and of course, my ever favourite gold and stone choker which I have now realised I WEAR WITH EVERYTHING. And it was a rasta find! Talk about VFM, I’ve sure extracted that from this choker. What is your go to look with jeans?