Poet and theatre actor Baisali Chatterjee Dutt shares a “Foxy in a Boxy” look

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Do you know what your body shape is? Well, broadly speaking (pun so not intended), they are apple, banana, pear and hourglass. As you might have guessed, the hourglass is the one to aspire to quite simply because it doesn’t make you feel like one of the key ingredients in a fruit salad.
Now, depending on hormones, The Bloat, last night’s all-you-can-eat-buffet and whatever evil, twisted mirror is fat-shaming my near-naked body, I alternate between apple and pear. In plain speak, that means “very fat” and “how are you not a meme yet”.
So, as you can guess, finding clothes which I look presentable in is a tremendous challenge. Lately, thanks to our Calcutta winters, I have been hiding my layers under layers. You know, shawls, ponchos, jackets, and the like.
However, as winter fades, the warm woollies must slowly start to make their way back to their hideaways, rooming with neem leaves and sandlewood sachets.
This Sunday, the husband and I had organised a garden party for friends. A winter lunch in the outdoors while it was still possible before the sweltering starts. Deciding the lunch menu wasn’t as difficult as deciding what to wear!
Luckily it is EOSS time, and I was able to lay my hands on this fabulous boxy dress from Zara. Perfect for my shapeless shape. Good for days when I’m an apple, a pear or a prickly pear-apple. Definitely good for all those days when I’m a pumpkin too!
So I wore this lovely, brown, boxy, checked number with tan shoes. I carried my red, handloom (Kesh) bag from Shantiniketan to add a pop of colour (and also because I’m as lazy as a sun-bathing pig when it comes to changing my bags — but luckily, this worked!)
So there you have it! Fruit salad wrapped up in a checked napkin 😉