Josephine Goveas and her saree swag

everyday style, fashion

Janice Goveas, Josephine’s daughter writes about her mom’s style:

“My mum attracts some lovely sarees. And she has a penchant for matching it up with some perfect blouses. This is mum in coffee shop in South Mumbai looking very elegant in her Kolkata cotton silk saree. Again note the no makeup look and hair tied in a bun and only her interesting saree blouse as accessory.

As a teacher her cotton sarees were her hallmark and all her students identify with the impeccable way she drapes her saree. This is my mum in her Kolkata cotton saree which has thread ‘butis’. One thing to note is my mum will never wear make up but ties her salt and pepper bun in her signature style to look understated by yet oh so chic. “


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