Moto jackets save the day

everyday style, fashion

They’re not the most formal of jackets, but I have a particular soft corner for moto jackets in all shades and materials. From tan to black to red, to patent leather, to suede, to camouflage to leather, I’ve had them all over the years and used them generously until they wore out on me, and had to be reluctantly consigned to the bin. My last favourite was a red patent leather moto that I wore everywhere and with everything. My current favourite is a grey suede one which I pretty much do the same with. Throw it on top of anything one wears, and it kindly pulls the look together into not too formal, just that little bit off the prim and proper, and yes, keeps me warm given that I was probably a reptile in a previous birth and perennially feel chilled to the bone.

Do you have a favourite kind of jacket?

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