The Little Black Dress…



I’ve always been a little wary of the little black dress, because though it hides a multitude of sins, it also requires a great deal of panache and confidence to pull off. The offspring though has his own eye for fashion and for my 46th birthday bought me this wrap styled black Van Heusen dress. Wrap dresses hide a multitude of sins and work well for my body type, which is, erm, rather generous, to put it politely. This one in a nice giving fabric, was well draped to fit where needed and flare out where not.

Wore it to the launch of Project Eve’s Andheri store, where I was invited by Femina for a panel discussion with other kickass ladies. Paired it with tan slip on stilettoes and a gold choker. Yes, I had the offspring at hand at the this event to hold onto if I wobbled too much, which is the only reason I dared slip into those shoes, which though are lovely to look at, are completely impractical for any amount of standing or walking up and down stairs, of which I realised when I landed at the venue, there were a few I had to navigate, and yes, I had my slippers in my handbag, (not in picture) which I slipped into the moment I exited venue with a long drawn sigh of relief.  I think the look worked, thanks to its no fuss dress that was statement enough. What do you think? Do you have a little black dress or two in your wardrobe?


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