Saree Swag and litfesting…

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I’ve already confessed I have a mortal terror of wearing sarees. I’ve tripped too often and sprained my ankles, ripped exquisite ones to shreds, pinned them ineptly and have had them uravelling visibly in a public situation, had horrific experiences of going to the bathroom in public places where the floors are literal swamps, and more, and so have actively avoided wearing them for all my 47 years. Let me also confess that I am most disorganised a dresser, so the effort of coordinating saree, blouse and petticoat, not to mention, having appropriate number of safety pins at hand is something that has been one of my perpetual failings.

Last year, I think I wore a saree just once, and that too for one of the functions at my niece’s wedding, for the other three functions, I made do with salwar kameezes. This year though, my resolution is to wear more sarees, especially for formal occasions and especially for litfests. I love being in long dresses in the regular course of affairs, but realise that one doesn’t quite have the gravitas needed on stage, something that a saree effortlessly endows one with. And as for the horror of all my Michelin man waist tyres being on public display, thank god for the new style of traditional blouses being dispensed with and anything and everything being okay in place of it.

For the Times of India Bangalore Lit Fest on Saturday, I borrowed this exquisite soft silk Ajrakh saree off my sister in law, Tara (in pic with me), wore it with simple double chain of silver beads and a black shell top. Works?


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